How to disable EmulateWheel for TrackPoint

I upgraded to Fedora 22 on my ThinkPad X240 today, and immediately ran into a surprising and infuriating problem: My middle mouse button stopped working as a mouse button. Instead, it started behaving as a scroll button. I don’t need a scroll button, I need a middle mouse button.

The behaviour of the middle mouse button is traditionally governed by the option «EmulateWheel» in xorg.conf, and the Internet is full to the brim of examples for how to *enable* this behaviour. Thus if you do a Google search on how to *disable* it, you end up finding instructions for disabling it. But that’s irrelevant, Fedora 22 has stopped honouring this setting anyway.

The only way I found to get my middle mouse button back was this command:

xinput --set-prop "TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint" "libinput Scroll Method Enabled" 0 0 0

Now I just need to stick that into a shell script and run it on logon. *barf*

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  1. Takk! Eg var i ferd med byrje rive laus hår i jakta på noko som faktisk ville fungere for få tilbake tasten.

  2. Thanks a lot.
    I installed a new machine a few days ago with Debian stretch en ran into the same problem. My preferred mouse, that worked flawlessly for me during more then ten years (Sun 3 button mouse) , had a non function middle mouse button.
    I soon learned that it had something to do with a default EmulateWheel setting
    but I had a hard time turning it off.
    Nothing of the documented methodes seemed to work until I found your tip.

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